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Welcome to OMG's wholesale website. Unfortunately, we've a competitor (maybe two) who takes our designs as their own. We've even found them using our photos. So we've locked down access to all but the shapes and designs available for the current seasons through our retail website.

If you are a wholesaler, please sign in or request an ID. Over the 26 years of being in business, we've create more than 2000 designs. Really something for everyone. Caterers, we have some ideas for adding something special to all of your events. Sign up and take a look!

Otherwise, click here to go to our retail store

Upcoming Holidays

Holiday Date Place Orders By Recommended Ship Date
Winter Dec 21, 2016 Dec 01, 2016 Jan 03, 2017
St. Patrick's Day Mar 17, 2017 Feb 01, 2017 Feb 08, 2017